2020 Mastermind to Grow Your Business

Grow Vantage Mastermind will help you grow your business in 2020 

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Why are Masterminds effective?

  • They generate ideas to move your business forward – for marketing, products or processes – wherever you need them

  • Focused attention in a hot seat during our monthly group meeting and a personal one to one meeting (in person or over Zoom)

  • Collaboration with colleagues and your business coach to help with challenges and ideas

  • Accountability for your plans while you gain support,

  • Strengthen your business abilities

  • Analyze what is going on in your business

Support – Accountability – Ideas – Forward Motion & Performance

Through mastermind groups, you can build and maintain momentum in your business while you overcome hurdles.

  • Growing your business is the most important and demanding job you have as an entrepreneur – apart from starting your business in the first place.

  • We will focus on steps to create growth plans, set milestones and then execute your plan in the months to follow, with encouragement from your peers, and accountability for the steps you outline for your business expansion. On our final meeting in 2021 we’ll review our 2020 successes.

  • Each month, this group will meet once in person (or over Zoom) and once in individual sessions (that will accommodate your schedule) From late February or March 2020

Questions? Email patricia@growvantage.com