About Grow Vantage – What we’re doing during COVID-19

Starting a new business is as exciting as it is challenging. During this pandemic, it is even more challenging.

You may be thinking of starting a business – now is the time to prepare for it.

If you have already started your business 

now is the time to get the help you need to navigate these changes.

To help you train while you may have more time, even while you may not have your full income (or even any income right now),

Grow Vantage is continuing our classes and our coaching support – but deferring monthly fees if you need time to get back on your feet.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs the training and guidance to help you find a direction, avoid mistakes and get on track to build your business, 

get in touch and we’ll figure out what you need to do to get help.

Patricia Dent, patricia@growvantage.com, 705-229-4969


There is a lot to do as a start-up. You need to refine your product or service, research your target market, build your sales techniques along with your materials and develop both your financial systems and business processes. Whew!

And you may start off doing this without the knowledge and support you’ll need to be effective, and successful.

How can you speed up the learning process?

…Make fewer mistakes (especially the costly ones) and build a supportive referral network which will allow you to connect with your customers.

Grow Vantage is a program that helps you do all that – and reach profitability sooner. This program is how a ton of small business owners have become confident, grown their businesses and reach profitability sooner.


  • By getting advice from experts,
  • Putting great ideas into action,
  • Finding a clear direction and,
  • Developing the skills to better manage the businesses, and avoiding the pitfalls that you don’t see coming in your first years…

Just ask any of the businesses who have taken part since Grow Vantage began over sixteen years ago.

 Join a community…

About Grow VantageWhether your community is local (or coming soon…online), learn from experienced and successful entrepreneurs, and get advice from your business coach as part of the program.

What does that mean?

It means you aren’t alone as you try new things to make your business fly. It means you can collaborate with other business owners to create and test ideas, do business together or refer to one another.

All the ingredients you need to build a successful business.


What do Grow Vantage grads have to say?

GV has taught me more in a short time than every business class, workshop or seminar I’ve ever taken. It addresses crucial aspects of every business and connects businesses to each other.”   – Adam MacBain, A Game Athletics, GV #7

“Grow Vantage makes you feel like you can’t fail in business: – Alison Braun, EarthTreks, GV # 35

Patricia Dent, Business Mentor, Grow Vantage

Patricia Dent Grow Vantage

Patricia Dent is a Business Mentor, CEO of Grow Vantage and a Past President of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. She applies over 30 years of business experience to mentor entrepreneurs (from start-up to corporate in different business sectors from telecom through healthcare and financial services including the Toronto Stock Exchange). From 2011 when she launched her coaching practice and through Grow Vantage, her entrepreneurial training program, which she took over in 2013, she has held over 4,500 coaching and training sessions in Barrie, Ontario.

Grow Vantage is a program that helps entrepreneurs learn to successfully run their business, maximize profitability and avoid the pitfalls that can cause early business failure. As a business mentor and entrepreneurial trainer, she works with business experts to help business owners design, launch and grow their businesses; teaching strategies in marketing, sales, communications, and finance, and techniques to increase productivity in their businesses. In other words, what entrepreneurs need to learn in order to grow their networks and operate and grow their businesses successfully, while avoiding the costly mistakes that delay their success. As their businesses grow further, she works intensively with entrepreneurs in Mastermind groups to help them formulate strategies to scale their businesses.

Patricia has earned a BA with honours in Sociology (U of T) and certifications in Marketing (Ryerson), CRM, CMP and coaching. She has been a resident of Simcoe County since early 2009.