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Joel Bentley
36A 48th Street South, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, L9Z1Y3

The Union of Eastern & Western Modalities for Life-Long Optimum Health Care for Everyone 🙂

705 Alternative Healthcare – Ontario was created with the sole purpose of sharing the good news that there are indeed alternatives to traditional western healthcare in the 705 area code.
Western medicine has become our primary source of healthcare in North America. It’s a system designed to treat symptoms of illness and disease, generally without considering the root causes of those illnesses and imbalances, and generally treating symptoms in isolation of each other.
Where Western medicine treats physical symptoms only, Alternative medicine, therapies, and practices are a holistic approach that considers the root causes of disease and includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human beings. People are realizing the limitations of Western medicine and are increasingly seeking out alternatives. Alternative practices can be stand alone healing well-being options, or they can be used as a compliment to traditional medical protocols.
Our bodies are our temples. What we consume (food & water) fuels each and every cell within. We owe it to ourselves to maintain good health to be the very best we can be. Healthy peaceful living with a calm, confident body & mind is what we all desire.
For alternative health practitioners, this is a forum/community created to support you in highlighting your talents & healing abilities within your dedicated “Group”.
For patients/clients seeking alternative or complementary options to their existing health care strategy, this is the place to connect with local alternative providers that can assist in your healing process.
Sharing is caring, and we hope that when you make a great connection, you will celebrate your positive health experiences with the community here.
Namaste everyone!
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