A+ Administration & Leasing

Julianne Spurling
411 Huronia Road, Unit #5, Barrie, ON, L4N 9B3

We provide both administrative and financial services to businesses, from sole proprietorships to well-established corporations in start-up or growth mode. We help you obtain the needed equipment and services, protect cash flow and potentially earn tax credits.

Compared to financial institutions, we have greater flexibility and credit options to assist more businesses, including start-ups and those with financial constraints. We have a higher approval ratio than banks. We are passionate about assisting companies with their cash flow and growth through my hands-on customer service. The transaction size doesn’t matter; every client receives the same personal service, which helps in building the trust that is crucial when you are handling people’s confidential financial information. We overcome obstacles to find solutions for every situation. Additionally, we ensure clients are comfortable and have a full understanding of their financial commitment.

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