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Start Fresh Wellness

BIE is a natural new method that helps a person’s body to recognize the “culprit” that is causing their health disorder. Using a state of the art instrument called the GSR 120 unit energy is directed onto specific points on the body to help create a homeostatic state, therefore alleviating suffering without the use of drugs or needles.

Reiki is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Because of this, Reiki promotes health and healing. Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress.

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality that involves the practitioner resting their fingers on 16 bars of energy that run through and around the head, each related to different areas of your life. By touching these bars the electromagnetic charge of the limiting thoughts you have carried until now is released.

Aligned Crystals

If the vibration of a particular crystal can help to align you with your goals, attract positive energy, accelerate healing, help you overcome emotional struggles and manifest the life you desire wouldn’t you want to wear it every day?

These handmade, one of a kind pieces are not only beautiful but they have powerful healing benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



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