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Barb Stuhlemmer, Confidant and Strategic Advisory to small incorporated business owners
132 Commerse Park Drive, Suite 512, Barrie, L4N 0Z7, Ontario
705 719-5661705 719-5661

In her 30+ years with small incorporated businesses, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen exactly how owners struggle to balance the requirements of growing a business with the financial and time restrictions that growth brings. Barb has developed a unique process for owners who are burdened with the leadership of their business, overwhelmed by the lack of control over their time, and frustrated with the money required to grow the business.

Unlike a coach, who would ask you questions like, “what do you want to focus on today” or “how do you feel about what you are doing”, Barb comes with a lifetime of tools, strategies, and tactical planning process to create the next steps that will finally get the work of growth done. Barb’s clients make as much as 800% increase in as little as 11 months with her support.

Barb is the advisor & confidant to the CEO. She brings an outside view and solutions to inside issues so they can create the business that fits with your life plan.

If you are ready to make big changes in your small incorporated business and finally have the people, plan, and support you need to grow your business beyond this plateau, then call to book a strategy session with Barb.

Call to make your strategy appointment 705-719-5661


Need a speaker for your next business event? Barb focuses on the entrepreneur mindset and the tools that make it easy.

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