Breathing 201

Helen Martin
Box 145, Glencairn, ON, L0M 1K0

Certified Physician Assistant with personal success story of asthma while in a military career,?and 30 plus years of providing health care is now the experienced voice of?Breathing 201.

Helping people?break free from the limitations of a diagnosis and be in the driver seat of their?condition.?Own your health, let’s have a free discussion. Call me 705-818-1251

Save your money and have a smoking assessment to see if you are ready to quit. Why? When you are ready to quit everything works; when you are not, none of those?methods of quitting will work no matter what the guarantee says.

This evidence based?assessment will show you how ready you are to quit, and will provide?stategies?that are personal to you in?getting yourself ready to quit. Call me. 705-818-1251

If you have a problem with?exercise or running capasity lets have a free conversation about how breathing can affect performance and injuries. Call me 705-818-1251

I can come to you or vs versa.

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