EntreLaunch Foundation

Rebecca Palmer
97 Downing Crescent, Barrie, ON, L4N 9A48V5
705 791-2320705 791-2320


EntreLaunch is on a mission to change the world by empowering youth to
think creatively, create social impact and think outside the box. In the next
5 years, our goal is to help over 150,000 youth build a brighter future
through informal learning programs, workshops and entrepreneurial

Youth unemployment is a huge issue with 73 million youth unemployed globally.  Many new graduates are unable to find satisfactory full-time positions when leaving school and thus become unemployed or work several part-time unskilled jobs just to make ends meet. Our programs provide youth with an opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning and encourages entrepreneurship as a viable career option thus reducing youth unemployment levels and contributing to a stable economy.

EntreLaunch provides training, youth funding and instills a sense of confidence in youth that allows for innovation and exploration into new fields. Some members will lead the way to innovation as intrapreneurs.

In late 2018, we will launch a catalyst program providing community bonds, grants and microloans to youth to start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

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