Daniela Chase, Divine Feminine Divorce Coach

Daniela Chase
61 McIntyre Drive, Barrie, ON, L4N 5C5

Divorce is hard, no question, and painful emotions can quickly become soul-crushing and debilitating.

I’ve been there and I know. But I learned, through first-hand experience and through applying the tools and techniques I trained and certified in as a Master Coach and Master Practitioner of ENLP, that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a healthy, whole-hearted, peacful, and powerful different way through and forward. So my question for you is, are you ready to STOP??

Stop losing yourself. Stop losing your sh*t. Stop losing hope.
What if you could:
  • Release the Past
  • Learn to Be Fully Present
  • Alchemize a Powerful New Beginning
  • Restore Calm Confident Clarity & Create a Life Worthy of YOU
  • Move Through Your Separation & Divorce Peacefully & Powerfully … even if your soon-to-be-ex (“STBX” ) isn’t on the same page!!
  • Be the Epic Woman Who Shows Up for Yourself, Your Kids, Your Clients & Your Community
Because you can.

I ended a my own 27-year marriage with the words: “I love you. Go, be happy,” and, applying my coaching tools and techniques to my own life, I was able to move through the entire process in a healthy, whole-hearted, peaceful, powerful way.

So I created my signature program — DIVINE FEMININE DIVORCE: How to Rise Like the Phoenix You Are — to help you move through separation and divorce peacefully and powerfully, too.

I also created a life changing complimentary masterclass — DIVINE FEMININE DIVORCE: How to Alchemize Your Unhappy Ending Into A Powerful New Beginning — to help you get started.

This masterclass is for you IF:
  • you’re willing to believe divorce doesn’t have to be ugly
  • you see your family as transforming … not broken
  • you recognize that choices you make today shape the future you experience tomorrow
  • you’d rather go on vacation yourself than send your lawyer & their family!!
  • you’re ready to say NO to more drama, trauma, chaos & pandemonium
This masterclass is NOT for you if:
  • your hobby is blaming your STBX for everything that sucks in your life
  • your idea of FUN is trash talking them to anyone who’s willing to listen
  • you’re good with divorcing the person … but not the problems
  • up to $30k++ in legal fees and more years off your life sounds like a walk in the park

(And that’s okay because I’ll still be here when you’re ready to do things differently.)

If you’re ready to take 100% responsibility now for creating the changes you desire in your life:

Visit my Facebook Page for the registration link to the upcoming Masterclass


Click here to book your complimentary Discovery Call with me and learn more

Don’t waste another second. It’s time to discover that you’re way more powerful than you think you are!!

Sending you so much Love and Light,

❤️ Daniela

Daniela Chase

Divine Feminine Divorce Coach

pronouns: she/her

I help women navigating the challenges of Separation & Divorce reignite calm confident clarity, lead your family through the transformation, and create a life worthy of YOU. Book a complimentary Discovery Call with me to learn more.

P.S. What would you want if you didn’t have to be unhappy about not getting it?

P.P.S. Ask me about my 8-week program — DIVINE FEMININE DIVORCE: How to Rise Like the Phoenix You Are— that helps women navigating Separation & Divorce reignite calm confident clarity, lead your family through the transformation, and create a life worthy of YOU. Curious? Book your complimentary Discovery Call to learn more.

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