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Patricia Dent
c/o Suite 5, 411 Huronia Road, Barrie, ON, L4N 9B3
705 727-0789705 727-0789

When you contact Grow Vantage, you open the door to true, solid, sustainable business success.

This program has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in the Barrie, Ontario region launch unique businesses.
Who can benefit from Grow Vantage? Those who are new to business, new to Barrie (whether their businesses are new or established) and established businesses who are poised for growth.

Grow Vantage brings together entrepreneurs who are taught by self-employed experts in their fields, offering real experience, not theory.

It connects business owners to each other for lasting economic benefit.

Grow Vantage is a low cost, high quality investment in the longterm success of your business.

Here is how it works…

This program is like buying seasons tickets to theatre or hockey… you attend two nights a month for 10 months and during that time, you learn everything you need to know to run and grow your business quickly and profitably.

You do this in the company of 25-30 other business owners who become an incredible referral source for you.

The Grow Vantage package consists of…

  1. An information sheet which outlines the program, and includes:
    • The benefits of taking Grow Vantage
    • Testimonials (lots available on this website)
    • The registration link
  2. The schedule for the upcoming group.

We start three Grow Vantage groups each year… February, May and November. You can register right from this website.Email Patricia today and ask for the Grow Vantage package.

Over 1,300 businesses have started on this program, grown their businesses, avoided mistakes and developed a solid network.

Please have a look!

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