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Carole Burdon
44 Gray Street, PO Box 403, Coldwater, ON, L0K 1E0


Nature Photography

My Love of Nature was the driving force as a Photographer starting my business.  At first, I couldn’t get enough photographs of trees. I dream of trees all the time and so evolved the name of my business.

I view Nature as a compelling force. Compelled to sharing the beauty of our planet through capturing the wonder in my photographs.

Prints are available or original framed photographs, printed on canvas, wood, metal and other mediums to meet you the client’s choice.

Abstract Photography

I discovered abstract photography through Creative Photography course I took at Georgian College, several years ago. Abstract photographs, I consider are my creative outlet to the fullest. Having the eye and seeing art in the most everyday objects is a gift. I transform an ordinary object into art. I love abstract photographs, by taking the photos, brings the object to life.

As with nature, abstract art photographs are available in prints or original framed photographs, printed on canvas, wood, metal and other mediums to meet you the client’s choice. 

I Dream of Trees Photography sells bookmarks, postcards and greeting cards featuring my nature photographs and abstract art.


Personal Brand Photography

I Dream of Trees Photography recognizes Personal Brand Photography with an edge!

Women today are on the cutting edge as small business owners in Canada. The number of women-owned enterprises were smaller than men, in 2018, accounting for 37% of all self-employed persons, but their growth is stronger than men. The Canadian government have recognized that “it’s glaringly obvious that we need more female entrepreneurs. Women make great leaders, are natural innovators, and help companies grow and thrive” – written by

I Dream of Trees Photography is serving Women in Business.

Women helping Women to meet our dreams and aspirations. I Dream of Trees Photography does that by providing personal brand stories of the woman’s business through photographs. They show your business’s character, environment, and what it is like to work with your company. It is all created to communicate your personal brand to make a connection with your audience. Photographs define your Brand. The photographs taken for your business are personalized for you.

There are multi purposes to the photographs I will create for you. Photos can be used on your:

  • website
  • social media sites
  • email marketing
  • sales and landing pages
  • and any other marketing materials

Personal Brand Photography is a mixture of photojournalism, lifestyle, and portraiture.  I will be working with you as a business owner, to create accurate and compelling imagery. Through photographs I am helping you to promote your people, products, and your brand’s personality for impactful marketing that stands out.

I will tie up all the lose ends in your marketing strategy, providing images that are authentically you, are consistent in you news feed and social media sites, highlighting your expertise, who you are as a person and what your company stands for.

Share the strong Woman you are with me in a Personal Brand Photography session.



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