Inciteful Solutions

Patricia Dent
Suite 153, 65 Cedar Pointe Drive, Barrie, ON, L4N 9R3

Business Mentor, Grow Vantage, and Inciteful Solutions.

Patricia is a business mentor who works with entrepreneurs to design, grow and improve their businesses.? She is the business mentor in residence at The Creative Space, a co-working entrepreneurial incubator in Barrie, and a business owner of Grow Vantage and Inciteful Solutions.

Grow Vantage is a 10-month program that helps entrepreneurs learn to successfully run their business, maximize profitability and avoid the pitfalls that can cause early business failure.

Through Inciteful Solutions, Patricia coaches entrepreneurs on business design and effective strategies to grow their businesses, from operations to marketing, and products to customer service in one-on-ones, masterminds, and workshops. She is also a co- founder of Small Business Connect, a grass roots organization that fills a gap for low-cost small business networking in Simcoe County.

Patricia has over 25 years of experience in marketing, customer relationship management, operations, revenue-building and project management.? She has developed and delivered strategic business growth initiatives across multiple sectors in for profit, not-for-profit and start-up organizations.

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