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Paola Tomei
41 King St., Barrie, Ontario, L4N 6B5
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In the Knowledge is the power: Just ask.

Paola Tomei
Independent Broker

“Financial security planning is about more than just retirement; it’s about making your dreams a reality.”

Getting to know clients and helping them navigate through different financial areas are what I enjoy most about being an independent broker. I started my financial career as a mortgage planning specialist, but each time I closed a deal, I felt something was missing. I had a strong desire to continue helping clients, but at that time, I didn?t have the background or the required licensing. Today, I have the licensing and resources to help my clients find the right products and the companies that best suit their needs.

Growing up in Colombia, I experienced the loss of my sister from a critical illness and my brother from premature death. These losses have helped me understand the emotional and financial devastation people must often endure.

I have access to resources and products that can help you be financially prepared when life throws you the unthinkable.

I establish solid long-term relationships with clients and help them meet their goals at every stage of life. During difficult times, we may ask ourselves, ?what if?? Be proactive. This phrase should be the first step in your financial security planning, not a reaction when circumstances change.

If you’d like to talk, remember, I am just a phone call away.

Paola Tomei

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