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Laurie Hunt
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Facilitator | Speaker | Writer | Moving People Into Possibility – Expanding Potential | Leadership & Mentoring

I believe we all have more in us. Each of us has untapped internal resources and potential. When you take on a project or go after a dream that moves you out of your comfort zone, you discover that you do in fact have the wherewithal to make the inconceivable real and handle the unexpected.

I’ve discovered this time and again in my own life. ‘I’ve got more-in-me’ has become my mantra, fuelling my courage to keep moving into the unknown and find new possibilities.  The More-In-Me Movement is my philosophy and approach for helping people like you find your ‘more-in-me’. It begins with the first step. My role to help you take that step, with ideas, tools, practices, and a nudge to get you moving in any direction because the path is made by walking.

On my website you’ll find a library of on-line courses that you mix and match to meet your needs. You’ll also find tips and resources on my blog, and a couple free tutorials to get you started.

Cultivating Will + Focus + Fortitude = Finding ‘More-In-Me’

The other part of my business involves working with  organizations to design custom mentoring programs.

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