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Lindsay Tsang
151 Essa Road- Unit 201, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 3L2
Un-controlled emotions can sabotage areas of our lives. Are you consistently angry? Or have anxiety and you’re losing an appetite for life? Angry outburst can leave you embarrassed or potentially harm important relationships. You may feel a sense that life is out of control when you lash out, especially if it’s towards people who didn’t deserve it. High anxiety on the other hand can lead to insomnia, depression and the inability to cope with every day life. You may be asking, “Can I ever feel normal again?”
I can help you. I love seeing my clients reset their lives and live fully. I’ve helped clients discover their thought cycles and learn ways around it. They feel validated and let go of shame. Clients report feeling calm and know how to deal with conflict better.
Don’t hesitate to call. You will never be judged. We will work together to lay out a strategy that works for you. 705-305-1200
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