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Diane Stoddart
81 Grassmere Court, Oshawa, ontario, L1H 3X5

Diane Stoddart began her Marketing career as a Marketing Secretary She returned to college to study Information Systems, advanced English and advanced Mathematics.  She is passionate about keeping up-to-date on technology.

Diane obtained her Insurance and Financial Adviser license but decided it wasn’t for her. That Marketing bug kept calling her.  Even when she was in the financial industry, Diane was still taking on marketing projects, creating write-ups, brochures, editing, organizing meetings, meet-ups and so on.

Diane took on the project of marketing and selling advertising for a City Counsellor’s business, then moved on to become the Director of Marketing at an Insurance company.   She has been a Director of Customer Service in a food business, a Manager of Customer Service at telecommunications companies, with well-known financial organizations, a Real Estate Salesperson, a Guest Editor of a magazine, and more.  Having a certificate in Time Management, an Advanced Presentation Skills Certificate, and a smattering of French has assisted her as well.

Diane loves to write and create marketing initiatives, really enjoying inspiring people to be successful.

Being the youngest of 8 children, taught her the importance of sharing, and getting along with others. It taught Diane that it doesn’t always happen, but do the best you can.

Born in Toronto, moved to a farm outside a small town in Ontario, grew up in Mississauga, married and moved to Vaughan, then to Barrie, and now to Durham Region.  Diane’s parents retired and moved back to the country when her children were very young.  As a result of time spent at the farm, Diane and her children are a mix of country, city and suburbia.   Her parents were growing food, raising chickens and geese, etc., and Diane was in the business world in the GTA while sharing in the gardening etc. on many weekends.   In conversation, Diane might come out with a comment about planting potatoes, and people would look at her, dressed for business, and ask “How do you know that?”

Diane loves the fact that she is “well-rounded”, allowing her to communicate on many levels. Diane had some time off, 2 years, due to illness, but she is well now and on the move.  She is passionate about “Living Life and Business” because she does NOT believe that business owners should just network with other business owners.  In order to have balance.

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