ProsperologyU with Karen Collacutt

Karen Collacutt, CFP, TNLP, MTLT, TCHt

Karen Collacutt, CFP®, TNLP

CEO | Speaker |Master Money Coach


Karen understands people, patterns and systems. Personal wealth expert, Karen has worked for more than 15 years, with smart, successful people who feel dumb about money. She has coached hundreds of clients to understand and transform their psychology of money – how they think, work with and act around money.

Featured in Money Sense Magazine, Chatelaine, Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, Toronto Star, and Rogers TV, Karen combines the practical tools of personal and small business finances with powerful tools for mindset and focus.

With her straightforward strategies, world-class mind-body tools, and tell-it-like-it-is approach, Karen teaches how to match your money to your goals, create peace of mind, and build a confident money life. Master coach, speaker and change catalyst, Karen delivers a fresh perspective on money.

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