Mike Beard Brands

Mike Beard
36 Harrison Cr, Barrie, ON, L4N 7R9
705 984-4752705 984-4752

I love what I do for you.

I love listening to entrepreneurs and marketers tell their stories. I can feel their excitement! Together, we turn their experiences into core messaging by zeroing in on their unique selling proposition. I always ask them “What do your customers love about you? “ Together, we map out a plan to find and attract new customers and convert them into fans.

I turn the enthusiasm and energy of my clients into a logo, newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, email promotions or design a website. I write marketing plans, advertising campaigns including slogans, headlines and copy, press releases and magazine articles. In everything I do, I think like my customer thinks, but from my ‘unique’ point of view.

Once we get the messaging and creative elements right, I can offer the services of the best in the business. When I think it makes sense – I will introduce experts and firms I trust.

Can I help you? I offer initial conversations without charge. I will present quotes, schedules and follow-up reports we all can understand. Call me at ?705-984-4752. You will find me portable, friendly and fair.

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