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Deanne Nelligan
411 Huronia Road, Unit 5, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 9B3

Need advice… Need representation… Need results… NeedLEGAL

No one is perfect. The fact of the matter is that good people make mistakes.

People sometimes find themselves involved in legal matters that if not handled correctly could end up with painful consequences. A criminal record or poor driving record could cause you to be ineligible for certain jobs and, depending on the circumstances can even result in loss of employment.

A criminal record can limit travel abroad and, restrict entry into the United States. Issues arising from landlord and tenant disputes can cost thousands. Some offences can even ruin your credit rating.

If you’ve received:

  • a speeding ticket
  • have been charged with a provincial or criminal offence
  • have issues with your landlord or tenants
  • have a small claims issue
  • are looking to be pardoned

NeedLEGAL will provide you with quality representation at these proceedings and, will help navigate you through your legal obligations.

NeedLEGAL also provides Contract Review, Lease Review and Commissionaire of Oath services. If you have an important document that you need verified as true today, call us.

We work to get the best possible outcome for you!

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