Rice's Spices & Juice Plus

Cameron Rice
?, Barrie, ON, ?
705 252-4370705 252-4370

Rice’s Spices offers hand made spices using only all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or fillers.? Seasonally available in limited quantities are organic fruits, vegetables and their plants. (Not certified Organic; however, nothing artificial or synthetic is used.)?

Rices Spices now carries Juice Plus!

Do you get the recommended 7-10 servings a day of fruits and vegetables in your diet? When your schedule or life gets in the way of eating right, you can complement your diet with added nutrition from 17 different fruits,?vegetables and grains, for less than $2.00 every day.

Juice Plus+? will help you bridge that gap each day and clinical research confirms that it really works!

How does Juice Plus help?

  1. Fights the agents that cause stress & aging
  2. Helps you absorb nutrients
  3. Boots your immune system and reduces the time you become sick
  4. Supports cardiovascular wellness
  5. Helps to reduce overall inflammation??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Try the Juice Plus Orchard and Garden Blend package.? 3 months after your first order (and in return for completing a brief survey, you will be eligible for either a two month supply of Juice Plus Vineyard Blend or 2 free cans of Juice Plus Complete along with your next shipment. Check out Juice Plus at??http://canada.juiceplus.com/+cr23087. If you would love to have fresh organic produce but don?t have the time to cultivate a garden, find out how to grow your own fresh plants in the Juice Plus Tower Garden at ?http://nongmo.towergarden.ca/</a

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