Shaping Organizational Solutions (SOS) - Susan Shannon

Susan Shannon
104 Corrievale Drive, Port Severn, ON, L0K 1S0
705 538 0176705 538 0176

Specializing in meeting the needs of municipal government

SOS offers a broad range of experience-based consulting services to municipalities through innovation and identification of the best use of limited resources.

Results are achieved through the identification of opportunities or problems and the creation of action plans to pursue or resolve. Municipalities receive a cost-effective alternative for the completion of specialized tasks in those times when periodic expert advice is required.

Susan Shannon, the owner, is a dedicated municipal specialist with an experience-based understanding of municipal operations, whose passion is helping municipalities by providing them with the tools they need to save time and money.
Her public and private experiences put her in the unique position of understanding how to bring an innovative business perspective to municipalities, while at the same time helping the private sector better understand municipal operations.

Drawing on the 25 years of experience of the owner, as a municipal administrator and private business owner, SOS is able to provide sound, quality service to municipalities by Shaping Organizational Solutions that work!

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