Valeriya Storozhenko RMT

Valeriya Storozhenko RMT
Sol 11 Victoria St. Unit 210, Barrie, ON, L4M 3A3
(705) 725-5623(705) 725-5623

The most valuable possession you own is your health, and your body is the only one you have, so treat it well. The most valuable investment is investing in your health.

I offer Registered Massage therapy through the office of the Sol chiropractor clinic located 11 Victoria St Unit 210  Barrie, ON. Online booking is available.  We bill to the most health insurance companies , however, it is your responsibility to call your insurance company to find how much coverage per visit/per year do you have.

Registered massage therapy offers  relief from pain, stress, anxiety, depression and injury.

I also offer foot Reflexology and Cupping as a modality to Massage therapy, so it can be covered by your heath insurance plan.

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary health therapy, based on principles that reflexes or points in the feet, hands, ears or face correspond with every part and organ in the body through the nerve pathways. By applying specific pressure to the reflexes, reflexology helps to improve relaxation, circulation, reduce pain, stimulate healing process and encourage overall health and wellness.

Why to choose Reflexology?

  • it offers a natural, drug-free treatment options for a variety of health problems

  • can be used for pain management

  • can be used to aid recovery from injury or post-surgery

  • it helps to interrupt the every day stress cycle

  • can be used to maintain good health in a preventative way

Oh, if you want to just treat yourself or give a great gift, I am one touch away!

Happy feet, happy body!

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