Vintage Health Link

Jayne Hill
5 Hill Court, Barrie, ON, L4N 8L2
705 716-1574705 716-1574
705 716-1574705 716-1574

Vintage Health Link provides professional nursing foot care at their community Foot Care Clinic, in private residences and in Long Term Care homes. The foot care specialist / Nurse will provide assessments of the feet, routine trimming of toe nails, diabetic foot care, treatment of ingrown toe nails and fungal toe nails and reduction and prevention of corns and calluses.
The foot care specialist / Nurse will refer clients as needed to other health care professional in that clients “circle of care” whether that be the staff at the LTC home or the client’s family doctor.
The frequency of foot care depends on each individuals specific needs with a typical 6-8 week requirement for treatment.

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