Growth Bootcamp Workshop

roadmapFor Innovators and Business Builders with a big idea…

  • What do you need to focus on to get your business idea off the ground?
  • Where can you find the information you need to start the process?
  • Is your idea valid and how can you create a plan to achieve your goals?
  • What is the right strategy?
  • What is the right timing?
  • What steps do you need to take?

Join us for a day and an evening of practical, facts to consider that will help put you on the path to realizing your big idea

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On Thursday, November 19th join us for dinner and a look at the State of the Nation – are you ready for growth?

Preparation for growth  (7:00 pm – 8:00 pm)  Heather Mason

At your next level of business, it’s important not just to have a bookkeeper but also someone that can help with future projections, cash flow and budgeting. The more mindful we are about these things, the more we can make a difference in our business.

    • Where are you “bleeding” cash?
    • What are your pain points?
    • What are the suggestions or recommendations a controller would make to correct some of the most common issues that will get in the way of your growth

Are you Struggling with profitability and trying to get to the next level?

    • Bleeding cash
    • Lacking ‘barometer controls’
    • Struggling with delegation
    • What are the options to help obtain the focus, set goals and develop longer term strategies?

Mindset and review of your overall business strategy, Patricia Dent  8:15 – 9:15 pm

  • Growth Mindset
  • What is your mindset (or programming) about creating new products and the choices you are making?
  • Principles of change – Intent, Choice, Commitment
  • The viability of your idea
  • The basic elements you need for your plan to succeed
  • Where are your vulnerabilities?

On Friday, November 20th, join us for the day as we look at:

What is my exit strategy? Stuart Murray, Mullen Law; Jeff Nixon, Lardner Nixon

  • What are the options?
  • Why think about it now?
  • Factors to consider?

What should my business structure look like in the future, and what do you have to prepare to establish it? Stuart Murray, Mullen Law

  • Incorporated or not?
  • Partnership?
  • What kind of structure?  Small to medium – or large?
  • Partnership
  • “GM” (General Motors)?
  • “Avon”?
  • “Tim Horton’s”?
  • Licensed?
  • Franchised?
  • Just me?

Creating a financial path to growth Jeff Nixon, Lardner Nixon

  • Keep in mind your business structure
  • What are the tax implications ?
  • How do you know you can afford to grow?

Expanding your staff – incentives and techniques for expansion, Darryl Simpson, ESS Direct

  • Identifying needed skillsets
  • Hire first – then expand?
  • How do you attract the right kind of employees (with the resources you have)?
  • Hire effectively – finding the staff you need. Designing incentives?
  • Onboarding – how long? What elements are critical?

Staff are in place – now, what?  Andrea MacLean, HR Strategic Partners

  • What do you need to do, to develop good employee relationships (that also conform to the law?)
  • Employee engagement/creation of your company culture:
  • How?
    • Motivation
    • Drivers
    • Getting the most out of your employees (through rewards and recognition and mentorship)
  • Benchmarks, and guidelines you’ll have to incorporate
  • The dreaded performance management model: you’ll need a framework to assess employee performance (to convey your expectations and create your employee value proposition)
  • What happens if their performance doesn’t meet expectations?

Lunch session and Panel Discussion on Funding Growth

  • Funding Growth Panel: Hear from representatives from different funding organizations and Economic Development on the opportunities to fund growth:
  • What do you need to know (what will they need to know)?
  • Who is a candidate? And who is not?
  • Gauging business readiness
  • What is needed for the application process: information, skin in the game?

Funding Growth – Part 2, Julianne Henry, A Plus Leasing and Administration; Greg Norris, Liquid Capital

  • What are the other tools you can use to finance your business growth, including Factoring, PO Financing and Lease Financing

Open Q&A

Who should take this seminar?

Business owners who want…

  • A look at all the issues to make sure you aren’t missing crucial steps
  • To understand the issues, advantages and the viability of the kind of business you want to build
  • To expand in the next few months or years (and want to be ready)
  • To understand the liability and tax implications of the different business structures
  • To sleep better at night while you grow

Or perhaps you have an idea, but you just aren’t sure it will fly?

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Our experts deal with growing companies every day. They will answer your questions and give you the information you need. (Once registered, you’ll have a chance to ask your burning questions and identify specifically what you want to learn).

If you are planning to grow your company, hear from the experts on what you need to know to achieve GROWTH.

Here are the details:

Thursday November 19th

6:00 pm: Registration and dinner

7:00 pm (until 9:30 pm):  Workshop

Friday November 20th

7:30 am: Breakfast

8:00 am (until12:45 pm): Workshops

12:45 pm – 2:00 pm: Funding Panel and Luncheon

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Workshops


Location:  Suite Success at ESS Direct, 411 Huronia Road, at Big Bay Point

Registration Fee:  This pilot program is being introduced at a special price for this session only.  

Instead of the regular price of $297.00, register now for half price and pay only $148.50 + HST.

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