Local Groups

If you are starting or growing a local business you have all the challenges a business owner has in learning to manage your business, on top of getting your business established in your community.

Here’s how Grow Vantage works…

You register for a seat on Grow Vantage. You join a group starting in March, May or October. You’ll attend (on average) two -three training sessions each month, learning strategically what you need as you need it. You’ll learn what every business owner needs to know and tackle the topics at your own pace. From financials to marketing and personal skills to the rules of business you have to know – you’ll have access to it all.

Grow Vantage doesn’t only mean learning the techniques to run your business effectively. It means joining other entrepreneurs in class and in collaboration meetings, or in coaching calls to establish a solid business network while you discover the best way to run your business and serve your clients.

If you are not part of the local business network, how do you get people to do business with you, if they don’t know you well? People do business with people that they know, like and trust. So, even if you’ve worked in your area, once you are a business owner, you are going to have to join a new world, with a whole new group of people…your customers. If you have brought your business to a new area, or you have commuted at a job… you are even further behind.

Imagine this! Grow Vantage is on Zoom/ as well as in person

You walk into a room with other business owners. You spend three hours with these people, learning everything you need to know to run your business.

You can reach out to your coach for help and work on your business in Office Hours twice a week.

Like season’s tickets to music or sports’ events, you’ve bought season’s tickets to a successful business. You’ll be in a profitable position years sooner than you would on your own. You’ll build a business network that’s supportive, referral-based and unparalleled.

As a Grow Vantage business, you’ll hear from industry experts who are entrepreneurs, who understand your issues and your challenges. They have been where you are.

You’ll connect to people who are well respected for their expertise, who can open doors and invite you through.

In 10 months, you’ll have a base from which to operate and grow, strategically and successfully and shorten that time where you are wandering around, trying to get to profitability, but learning the hard way.