A business looking for shared space… can you help?

Please meet Jennifer Carnegie Wolfe (one of my mentees)… Given rising COVID numbers – more of us may be looking to reduce expenses!

Hello everyone. Patricia was one of my mentors when I participated in the City of Barrie Starter Company program right before COVID hit. She was generous in allowing me to post my challenge here in hopes of getting some help. Through no fault of my own I am being forced out of my current studio space due to a neighbouring business needing more space. I technically have until August to find another space which may seem like quite a while but it really isn’t. I have been looking for months and have come close a few times but have had no luck. I am hoping someone on here may have or may know of someone who may have a space I can use.

I am a very small business – I am a Goldsmith who custom makes jewellery as well as runs workshops from my space. The space that I am currently working in is just under 500 sq ft. I am hoping to find a place where I can continue to work and hopefully expand on my workshop offerings which is why I am looking for a larger space.

Ideally I have been looking for an industrial unit around 1000 square feet that is zoned for commercial use/light industrial use. I am hoping to stay in the Barrie area. My budget is under $2000 which has also been a challenge. I have been working with an agent but I am switching to strictly a commercial agent who can work with me on this full time. It is a jungle out there so competition for space is fierce and expensive. Small businesses such as myself are being pushed out and have nowhere to go. I’m hoping someone here may be able to help. I can be reached at 416-697-8199 or by email at jenn@blissjewellery.ca. Thank you!

Patricia Dent

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