A cool way to help a charity (Village Impact) and gain business books – ENDS JAN 2nd

This is from Stu McLaren who is the owner of Toronto-based TRIBE. He and his wife have a charity that supports schooling and relief in Kenya

… Here is a way to support others in need AND yourself. Just until tomorrow… If you are interested – click the link below (because we’re in Canada there is a special process to go through).

1) I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how you can get three best-selling business books from 2020 (the digital version)… all for just $1 each.

2) Each $1 purchase means $2 goes to our charity Village Impact (where we are providing much needed relief to our school communities in Kenya)

So you get three incredible books for just $1 each and by getting yourself an AWESOME deal, you’re also helping contribute to help a whole lot of people.

How awesome is that?

Find out how to get the books here

But there is a catch…

The digital version of the books will only be available for $1 this week (everything ends January 2nd).

Ok so here’s the scoop…

This week, these awesome books (the digital version) are available on Amazon for just $1:

1) Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

2) Limitless by Jim Kwik

3) Who Not How by Dan Sullivan

And all three of these books were best sellers in 2020 and some have more than 5,000+ reviews with 80% 5 stars!

Bottom line, these books are an awesome resource if you’re looking to…

  • Attract more buyers to your business
  • Level up your ability to accomplish more
  • Scale up your business without draining your number one resource – YOUR time!

Each book is available for $1

Now here’s where things get really fun…

Reid Tracy (the CEO of HayHouse), who is the publisher of these books, said that he donate $1 to our charity Village Impact for every book that gets purchased this week.

So if 1,000 get purchased, $1,000 will be donated.

If 10,000 get purchased, $10,000 will be donated.

In fact, he said there is NO limit to how much will be donated!

THEN… something else happened…

Upon finding this out, Jeff Walker was inspired and said he would MATCH Reid up to $100,000!!

So that means when you buy a book for $1, $2 gets donated to Village Impact.

Amazing right?

We outlined all the details here

Our hope is that you’ll grab a copy of all three books and even consider gifting it to others (because those count as well towards the donations).

Every dollar will make a MASSIVE difference in our relief efforts for our school communities in Kenya.

This is a triple win.

You win because you get 3 incredible, best selling books for just $1 each.

Village Impact wins because we get $2 donated for each book purchased this week.

And the kids in our school communities in Kenya win because they will get the supplies they need to help beat the challenges that they’re now facing.

But all of this ends January 2nd, 2021.

So go get your copy today!

You’re awesome!


P.S. For obvious reasons we’d LOVE for you to share this with anyone you think would enjoy the books. Because the more books that are sold, the more is raised and therefore the more people we can help!

Patricia Dent

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