A New Book Change Club is starting!

What the heck is a Book Change Club?


Description automatically generatedGreat Question! This idea came from our focus group members and has grown in popularity, to the point it has become a key offering from Simply Karen for 2022.

People are starting to realize that change is so much easier with a map and a flock

Over 9 weeks, trained facilitators, (including one of the Karens!) will guide you through mapping the changes going on in your world and hold deeper discussions on the topics covered in the book. We will celebrate with you as you complete changes and reclaim that energy back into your life! 

We love offering what has been asked for repeatedly and already has had key input – we are excited to see our readers transforming themselves! 

Book Change Club 004 Saturdays, 9-10am ET, starting April 2nd

or click here: https://www.alexthealbatross.com/courses/sfa-book-change-club-004

Book Change Club 005 – Wednesdays, 4-5pm ET, starting April 13th 

or click here: https://www.alexthealbatross.com/courses/SFA-book-change-club-005

Join this rich, dynamic exploration of change full of connection, awareness, learning, and growing.

What our graduates have said:

Give your self permission. Do the work. Treat yourself. You deserve it. – K

Change is happening all the time. You are already on your change journey. This program is a mirror held up so you can see more clearly how that process is happening for you. Embrace it and you will get so much out of it! – B

You start doing this thing because you feel you should and then … I wasn’t expecting to get what I got. Thank you! – C

I can highly recommend this program personally. The Karens have created an amazing program that has had a significant impact on our group and on us as indviduals. Patricia

Patricia Dent

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