A new GV Interview series – are you interested?

This is the time to work on your business (if you are restricted in working in your business)

I’m starting an interview series that I will post on YouTube and (links) on my website and social.

Here are the series of questions I’d like to ask (please feel free to make suggestions).

Interview questions – March 22nd 2020


[Intro: We’re interviewing business owners and community leaders to find out what they are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic and any advice they have for others]

Intro guest: (with what you do in business, how long have you been a … what is your specialty [what do you want me to tell people?]

That is what you normally do …how is business different during COVID-19?

How are you serving your clients during the pandemic (phone? email?). Are you seeing people in person?

Community involvement – how do you support the community normally and what are you doing these days?

What (if anything) is coming up for you?:

Anything coming up that people should know about? (event, project, something coming up)?

Advice for others during the pandemic?

Patricia Dent


  1. I love this, P! I would definitely participate.

    I know this community continues to appreciate you, your steadiness, your commitment and your perseverance. You are a gem of an example.


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