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A rundown of what Jeff Walker will be teaching this week…all about his unique sales process

Sunday, 9/22: Lesson #4 opt-in page goes live

On Sunday. The “Lesson 4” LIVE broadcast will be hot. Jeff will be teaching “open cart” strategies, as well as how to sell effectively without being slimy… His approach is to give lots of value before asking for a sale – and I know from years of Grow Vantage classes that sales is a sore point with most of us. We don’t want to look like used car salespeople.

– Monday, 9/23: Live Lesson #4, Getting You Launched

Jeff will again go LIVE to teach at 4pm ET. Here’s what’s really cool about this broadcast:It’s all about what to do once you open the cart and start taking orders. This is one of the most critical parts of the launch… and it’s also one of the most overlooked.

You’ll see how he introduces the sale and the bonuses available to people who register early (on Monday).

– Tuesday, 9/24: Sales video goes live

One of the pieces of Jeff’s presentation is a sales video. It will allow you to look at the elements he uses and you will get a ton of value.

– Wednesday, 9/25: Case studies page goes live

Case studies are sooo important (as are testimonials) to providing social proof. (Which is why I’ve asked you to consider providing me with a Grow Vantage case study). There is a wide variety of businesses who will provide this information, in all kinds of niches and markets.

Here’s just a taste of some of the really awesome case studies we’ll be featuring on that page (some of whom I have met):

  • Cathy Hay, who runs a membership site where she teaches people how to make beautiful, historically accurate corsets (and doubled her business with launches).
  • Bonnie Christine, who made $342,000 with her very first launch… and her market is designing fabric and wallpaper!
    Max Guidi, teaches yoga online in the Italian market and went from $2,000 to $90,000 with his first two launches.

– Thursday, 9/26: the All Access page before they close their cart on Friday night

All FOUR of the Launch Masterclass Lessons on one page, no opt-in required. If you’ve missed anything so far… this is where you can catch up.

Hoping you are finding a lot of value in these broadcasts.

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