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Ontario Annual Return – New Filing Requirements
All corporate entities that are subject to the Corporations Information Act (Ontario) must file an Annual Return with the government of Ontario not later than 6 months after their taxation year end.  This Annual Return (which is not an income tax return) includes the corporation’s legal name, mailing address, taxation year end date, date of incorporation or amalgamation, corporation number, jurisdiction of incorporation and information about the directors and officers.  
Prior to 2008, the lawyers filed these returns when the information changed.
From January 1, 2008 to  May 15, 2021  the Annual Return was included as a schedule to the Federal corporate tax return and the Canada Revenue Agency transferred the required information to the Ontario government. After May 15, 2021 the Canada Revenue Agency is no longer providing this information to the Ontario government. As a result, the Annual Return is no longer a schedule of the Federal corporate tax return.
Effective October 18, 2021, the Canada Revenue Agency is no longer providing this information to the Ontario Government. 
Corporations who have an annual return due after October 18, 2021 must now file their annual returns directly with the registry. 
How to File your Ontario Annual Return:
In order to file the Annual Return, the first step is to request a Company Key using the Service Ontario website. Here is a link to the site to request a Company Key: click here  Once requested, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services will email the Company Key to the registered email address or mail it by Canada Post to the registered head office three days after the request. In order to request the company key, you will need either the registered business name, the Ontario corporation number or the Business Identification number.  
Once you have a company Key, return to the Ontario Business Registry website and create a One-key ID and a ServiceOntario account. You will then be able to file the required Annual Return.
Your lawyer can access the Ontario Business Registry and may offer to file your Ontario Annual Return for a fee.
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