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From our family to yours, heartfelt wishes for a happy holiday – whichever holiday you celebrate and in whichever way you celebrate. I hope you are able to take time for yourself and your family and for a thoughtful look back on the past year. On LinkedIn this week, this was one of my posts for business owners. My wish is also that you have time to contemplate.

End of Year Contemplation – for business owners

When we’re approaching the end of the year and both the activity of business, and preparation for family celebrations begin to calm down for the holidays, we can take enough time to think, to breathe, and to consider where we are – and where we’re going.

Business owners often need to step back to consider business patterns they might not see clearly if they are right on top of them, or while they are busy implementing change. It often takes time to really digest the events of the past year and trends may not be apparent until the year is winding down – especially given this rather unusual period in our lives.

If we are now facing an extension of 2021’s conditions, we need to evaluate what worked and didn’t work this past year – and to understand how successful our initiatives were. Were we able to stay the course? Or did we implement pivots: new products, new audiences, or perhaps like me – refinement of the group of people I love to serve, how I’m serving them, and their current needs.

How successful were those changes? Did we identify a sustainable need, expand a product and generate growth based on the evolving needs or wants they can serve? Or perhaps our delivery system? In times of change, entrepreneurs change too – as they solve new puzzles. This can be a frustrating process – or an exhilarating one. With enough time, and time off, frustration tends to lessen.

What helps me through this process, is that I love to confer with others if I can to test my thoughts and ideas. Our entrepreneurial community is every bit as important as our community of family and friends. It is our fountain of ideas, experience and feedback – as well as accountability.

So my holiday wish for you is to find time to unwind, to put yourself into a positive mindset – then engage in your own planning process to debrief the year – so that you can plan for the next one.


Patricia Dent

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