A year that closes and fresh hope for 2021?

Hi everyone

With one week before holidays and whatever celebration your family chooses, I find myself looking back over the past year, a little surprised that we have spent so much of it isolated from our family, friends and colleagues.

We’ve showed up, we’ve pivoted, and we’ve done our best to adapt our businesses to the changing conditions we’ve never before experienced. (And hope to never again).

I want to saluteĀ  our GV colleagues and friends, for their courage, for their ingenuity and most of all for their persistence in the face of so much change and in some cases, loss. As entrepreneurs, we are the heart and soul of business in Canada. And we often live by the motto: “There must be another way around this”.

We have learned lessons we did not expect, and which we’ll be able to re-apply in the future. I’d like to encourage you to reach out for help if you run low on determination.

Although the path is not entirely clear, I’d also like to encourage you to dream for 2021.

To help you set intentions for next year, you might have a look at Chris Brogan’s method. He calls them his “3 words” which he also calls his compass for the next year. As you know from my logo, I’m partial to compasses.

Here is the link:https://chrisbrogan.com/?s=3+words

I also believe when you set your compass, your actions will follow.

I’d like to wish you all a peaceful, safe, and happy holiday.


Patricia Dent

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