Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery’s pivot needs

Hello Folks!

I’m hoping people out there may be able to help me pivot.  Just as I had everything ready to operationalize my business things shut down.  The primary role of my business was B2B in that I wanted to establish a distribution network through Craft Brewers and Specialty Food Shops for my DIY Craft Beer Bread kits.  I can’t do that for a while!  Although I do have a retail outlet retail was only a small portion of my planned business that would be assisted by hosting Beer Bread Baking classes, again something I can’t do.

A pivot I’m considering and I’m pretty sure I have the method figured out to thaw/rise/bake frozen dough.  I need equipment to allow my to make large volumes of bread dough.  The list of equipment is:

30Qt mixer (120V)

Upright freezer

a couple small chest freezers (display style if possible)

Vacuum Sealer (commercial preferred)

If there is anyone who could help me find these things it would be appreciated.  Contact:
Dave Munro (Head Loaf)






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