Amazing New E-Commerce Landing page template from Aweber

As you probably know – training and exploring new ideas is part of my DNA (wish I could do it while sleeping to save time, but hey!). And you may also know that Aweber is my Email Service Provider. I just went through a training that occurs frequently with Aweber. This one features:

An E-Commerce Landing page (with templates)

They added landing page templates last year to make setting up email capture easier. Now they are adding an ecommerce feature to their landing pages that works with Stripe to allow people to sign up for free and/or paid services.

Why use it? For those of us who are reluctant to set up a whole e-commerce site – this can be an easy solution (and they aren’t charging a fee on their monthly subscriptions (although as you can imagine there is the usual fee for using a payment gateway (for the pro account .6% to Stripe once payment is collected, and for the free account 1% + Stripe fees.)

Seriously – if you are looking for ecommerce – check this YouTube video out: https://youtu.be/pzoybbiavyA


Patricia Dent

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