An Afternoon of Mediumship: Connecting With Loved Ones

You are invited to join us on Saturday, February 4, 2017 (3pm to 5pm) at The Vidya Centre for Yoga & Wellness (Queens Hotel), 238 Barrie Street, Thornton, for an afternoon of enlightenment as Psychic-Mediums Scarlet Evienne and Nancy Arruda tap into the other side to connect you with heartfelt messages from your loved ones who have passed over. Delivering messages from beyond allows for healing, release and the ability to move forward in your own life’s journey. As spirits move, get messages of love, support and understanding from two great psychic mediums who have a deep passion for sharing the words of your loved ones.
Limited seating! Tickets $40 each (or $50 at door) Refreshments provided. Paranormal and Holistic vendors.
Contact: to reserve your seat
(EMT/Cash/Credit Card accepted)


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