Are you a speaker? I am seeking speakers for a fall Summit

The program: Ask For Directions Training (Grow Vantage translated to online) is holding a Summit at the end of September that will consist of up to 20 speakers (sessions will be pre-recorded)

Who is it for? Women who want to leave their corporate jobs to start their own business. They may be a little risk averse and want to be prepared for this new role.

Here are some details

Projected Dates: Saturday 24th – October 5th (to finish before the long weekend in October)

The Summit will be free, with access to videos for a short time for free attendees, and a VIP option for $97 (+HST) to have access to recordings for several months as well as access to the session debriefs (which will be live/and recorded over zoom immediately following the session. Speakers are welcome to join me in the debrief.

Focus of content:

  • The overall design of the Summit is to deliver information that will help these potential entrepreneurs prepare for leaving corporate 
  • 2 sessions will be held each day (10 am & 2 pm EST) followed by 30 minute debrief for VIPs, followed by a 30 minute debrief for VIP clients that may also include speakers if desired.

Speaker Format:

  • We will present pre-recorded video sessions – 30-45 minute sessions.
  • Note: My default is recording over Zoom, although I am testing other software right now

What Am I Asking of You?

  • To collaborate on a topic and record a session in July or August. I will process the recording through my Searchie software (it will be stored on a Searchie hub)
  • To email your list about the Summit twice – in September (more is preferred)
  • (If desired) to offer a lead magnet or freebie to the audience I would set up a landing page sign up

If you are interested – please email me at patricia@growvantage.com with your interest, or by nominating someone you think would be a great fit!

Patricia Dent

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