Are you coming to the “We’re reaching GV50” Party on November 12th?

Please join us to celebrate the start of our 50th group AND see what’s new at Grow Vantage!

In this era of pivoting and disruptive technology, to have an entrepreneurial program reach 16 years and 50 groups is pretty amazing.  And a lot of this is because of you… the cream of entrepreneurs who have enthusiastically joined us throughout the years.

Register for this free event: https://www.growvantage.com/events/celebrate-our-50th-grow-vantage-group/ (so we can have a handle on numbers)

Come join Patricia Dent, Donna Douglas and other GVers, to raise a glass of wine (water, coffee or tea, if you prefer) to the exciting milestones Grow Vantage has reached… and see what is in the works right now!

This is a networking party – and there is no cost to join us! But we would appreciate it if you would register so we know how many people are going to be here!

(If you’d like a refresher or makeup… Sinda Simpson will be teaching Infomercials (and I’ll be talking about Presentations)

When? 5:00 pm, Tuesday November 12th (until 6:30 – or later if you are joining us in class)

Where? Suite Success at ESS Direct (the Donna Douglas Room, of course!)

Here is the link to register (just so we can manage numbers)

Register here: https://www.growvantage.com/events/celebrate-our-50th-grow-vantage-group/

Why? (Well, really, why not!)


Patricia Dent

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