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I developed Ask For Directions Training (https://askfordirectionstraining.com) to create an online alternative to Grow Vantage, which we haven’t been able to hold in person since 2020. (We’re using Searchie as part of this – a platform that brings much more experience to learning). A webinar replay is available below (with a no-brainer test offer until midnight, January 18th) (and the trends he discusses are important too!)

There are some amazing attributes to the Ask Course – we’ve expanded classes to 38 subjects with amazing speakers, and online coaching. But there are features that Searchie has which has set us apart (like adding transcriptions and captions to each video lesson AND being able to search by keyword through all the material to gather it at your finger tips. So if you are looking to test drive a great platform… check out the webinar below. I’d also be happy to show you how I use it (just email me at patricia@growvantage.com OR patricia@askfordirectionstraining.com

Membership Expert Stu Mclaren delivered his brand new presentation called 5 Course and Membership Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022.

In it, he spoke about…

What to expect as we settle into our new normal, and how to set you—and your information business—up for success this year

 How you can break through Zoom fatigue to connect and engage with your audience in new and exciting ways

 MAJOR shifts that are coming to the online learning space and how to position yourself to be at the forefront of these

 How to streamline your online program and save yourself a TON of time and money
 And SO much more!

Click here to watch the replay.

Team Searchie

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