Are you looking to add employees?

Andrea Khanjin has an article on her website that will give you contact information for service centres locally.

Why Service Centres? If there are subsidies available they can make them happen.

As restrictions start to ease in Ontario and the economy gets back up to speed, there are many people looking for a job and many employers looking to hire people. My office and I are here to assist you in this journey and connect you with the resources you need to make this process as effective as possible. We encourage everyone to get to know the local Employment Ontario partnered agencies as they offer many services that make the hiring process smoother for everyone involved.

These Employment Ontario partnered agencies include the Career Centre in Bayfield Mall, Georgian College – Career and Employment Community Services, Agilec (with offices in Barrie and Innsfil) and Collège Boréal. Below are some of the services that these Employment Ontario partnered agency offer for both employers and job seekers. These agencies have a suite of services and funding to help you in recruitment, training, and more.

So check out the article:


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