Ask For Directions Business Training – new online

If you are a Grow Vantage grad and your business has been affected by the pandemic… things have changed and your business needs to change as well…

  • Have you had to pivot… and you aren’t making headway yet?
  • You could use weekly coaching – feedback on what you are implementing?
  • You could use a refresher, especially for changing disciplines, like marketing, social media, privacy, or a sales approach you can be comfortable with
  • You would like to be part of an active GV community again…
  • And participate for a special pandemic price (75% discount)

Ask For Directions Business Training: This training program has increased Grow Vantage training by 60% more classes and provides weekly coaching. It is for entrepreneurs who are starting and growing a business (with a special price for GVers… with accelerated access to content (see: https://www.askfordirectionstraining.com/ask-for-directions-business-training/)

Or contact patricia@growvantage.com for more information

Patricia Dent

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