Ask For Directions Training (Grow Vantage online) is launching today

Will you join us?

How is your business doing in the pandemic… are you pivoting?

As a Grow Vantage grad – you may benefit by updated information, especially if you are pivoting due to the pandemicespecially since the program has been expanded (to 37 classes) and covers everything to set up and grow your business concept (again!) delivered by 18 entrepreneurial experts.

especially since you can participate in weekly group coaching calls to share ideas and help for implementing ideas to move your business forward.

For info: https://www.askfordirectionstraining.com/ask-for-directions-training-for-gv-grads/

And here is a bonus: A 75% reduction in price + HST for those who have already taken Grow Vantage

GV grads will receive all the parts of this program:

Questions? Arrange a personal discovery call to identify your current challenges! – Make your appointment using this link:


This special price is closing May 25th at 11:59 pm

  • The solid up to date information that Grow Vantage classes provide
  • Self-study learning by expert instructors – who are themselves entrepreneurs
  • Hands on live (virtual) group coaching every week
  • A supportive community and Facebook group to share information and obtain opinions

Patricia Dent

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