Authentic Italian Cuisine paired with Cave Spring Wines (at Home)

Join us in welcoming Gabriel Demarco, winemaker at Cave Spring Vineyards, to our very special Winemaker’s Dinner on Thursday, January 20th.

Dine virtually with Gabe, Wine Journeys, and Bacio Trattoria for a true celebration of our World Class Ontario wines.  To give you some idea of the caliber of the wines you will enjoy that evening, Cave Spring was named one of the top 100 wineries in the world by Wine & Spirits Magazine in 2018.

For this special evening, Chef William from Bacio has prepared an authentic 4 course Italian meal, Trent from Wine Journeys has selected some wonderful Cave Spring wines to pair with it, and Gabe will tell us Cave Spring’s story and talk about the behind the scenes of their extraordinary wines.

Please follow the link for more details and to book this wine and food experience:


Trent Mayers, M.Sc.


Wine Journeys

Mobile: 705-627-2373


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