Barrie Arts & Culture Investment Program (grant)

Applications are now available for the Barrie Arts & Culture Investment Program

Applications are now available for the Arts & Culture Investment Program, formerly the Cultural Grants Program. The goal of the program is to strengthen Barrie’s arts and culture sector through strategic investments in the work of artists and creative organizations. The deadline to apply is Monday, January 31st, 2022 at 4:30 PM.

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The mandate of the Arts & Culture Investment Program is to promote and assist in the development of the arts in all its diversity for the enjoyment and benefit of all Barrie residents and visitors.

Arts & Culture Investment Program Information – 2022

Since 2006 the City of Barrie has provided funding for not-for-profit organizations with a focus on the arts through a Cultural Grants Program. In 2021, the program underwent a review, resulting in a comprehensive list of recommendations, to be implemented in phases, culminating upon completion of an updated Cultural Master Plan in 2023. The changes implemented for 2022 include a renaming, to the Barrie Arts & Culture Investment Program, increased clarity in eligibility and evaluation, and simplification of the application process.

Applications are now being accepted for Barrie’s Arts & Culture Investment Program. The deadline is Monday, January 31st at 4:30 pm

The mandate of the Cultural Grants program is to promote and assist in the development of the arts in all its diversity for the enjoyment and benefit of all Barrie residents and visitors

Changes to this funding program thus far have addressed the prioritized recommendations related to:

  1. Clarifying the purpose of the grants program and provide clarity / transparency around the funding guidelines (categories, streams, eligibility criteria and evaluation process etc.);
  2. Improving the grant adjudication process with an eye to effectiveness, transparency and accountability; and
  3. Reducing the length of the application and labour required to fill it in.

Qualifying Arts and Culture Organizations:

  • Performing Arts Organizations & artists (includes theatre, dance, and music
  • Visual Arts Organizations & artists
  • Arts Service Organizations
  • Literary Arts Organizations & literary artists
  • New Media Organizations & new media artists
  • Heritage Organizations

Funding Categories:

Operational Streams:

Organizations with budgets of $75,000 or more
Organizations with budgets of less than $75,000

Projects & Capacity building Streams:

Capacity Building

Project and Capacity Building Grants are for up to $5,000 and support new initiatives and special projects as well as serve to support arts organizations in their growth. 

Groups that apply for Operating Grants of under $50,000 may also apply for a Project or Capacity Building Grant provided that the project is unique and separate from their regular annual operations. If your organization is applying for both,​ please do not reference your Project or Capacity Building Grant in your Operating Grant application.​

The deadline for submission​​ is 4:30 pm on Monday, January 31, at 4:30 pm. Applications will not be accepted after this time.

Submitting Your Application

Applications and supplemental forms must be submitted electronically via APLI (the link will be live in the coming week). ​Carefully read the Barrie Arts and Culture Investment Program Guidelines 2022.pdf prior to beginning the application process.  This will help you determine which forms are required and provide you with key informatio​n relevant to completing your application.

2022 Applications and Forms

**If your organization applied and received funds in 2021, you will need to complete the Report Form for Barrie Cultural Grants 2021.pdf and submit it to Amanda.Dyke@barrie.ca by January 10, 2022 to be eligible for 2021 funds.

​​​​Submission Steps:

  1. Download all of the applications and supplemental forms relevant to your application, complete and save to your computer. The Barrie Arts Operating Application 75K+ can either be signed digitally or be printed and signed by board members, then scanned and uploaded as a PDF. 
  2. To apply, you must register an account at eservice​s.barrie.ca. A registration email will be sent to complete the process. If you registered last year, you should be able to sign in with that account.
  3. Once registered, log in, then click the “Culture” tab. 
  4. From there, use the “Applicants” drop-down to pick “Select from Account” and then select the account you just registered. 
  5. You will now see the submission page. All relevant applications and forms as well as any support materials must be submitted here.
  6. Operating Grant and Project Grant applications must be submitted separately and submitted with all necessary supplemental forms to be accepted. If you are applying for both streams, you can submit the same Statistical Form with each application.
  7. When you upload the documents, you must select the corresponding form type from the drop down menu for each document, then hit save. If you are missing any required forms, you will get a message telling you that you are missing something. You cannot proceed until you have attached all required documents. Financial statements can be attached as PDFs.
  8. Support materials can be attached as files, or if they are quite large, a link can be provided on the submission page.
  9. Upon submission of your application you will receive a notification email. 
  10. Cultural Development staff will follow up after the grant deadline to advise of next steps, including a review with the grants jury and a timelin​e for announcing the results.​​
2021 Cultural Grants Recipients
Operating Funding
Barrie Concert Band – $ 4,350
Barrie Film Festival – $ 38,000
Huronia Symphony – $ 20,000
Kempenfelt Community Players – $ 6,000
MacLaren Art Centre – $ 142,000
Ontario Musicians Cooperative – $ 10,435
Simcoe Contemporary Dancers – $ 19,500
Talk Is Free Theatre – $ 70,000
Theatre By The Bay – $ 30,000
Project Funding
Bravado Show Choir – $ 4,500
Caring Concerts – $ 4,500
Central Ontario Music Council – $ 3,500
Huronia Symphony Orchestra – $ 3,000
King Edward Choir – $ 4,500
Kempenfelt Community Players – $ 2,000
La Cle de la Baie – $ 5,000
Ontario Musicians Cooperative, Inc. – $ 5,000
Simcoe Contemporary Dancers – $ 5,000
Skyliners Youth Big Band – $ 1,000 
Theatre By The Bay – $ 2,000
Word Up! – $ 4,500


The City of Barrie Cultural Grant applications are judged by a panel of individuals with significant expertise in the arts. City of Barrie staff select these individuals from other municipalities across the province to participate in the jury process.  If you know of an individual that has extensive education and/or experience in the arts and you believe they would be an objective juror you are welcome to recommend them by completing the Jury Panel – Recommendation Form and submitting it to the Economic & Creative Development Department at invest@barrie.ca

Personal information collected as part of this application process is under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended and will be used for the purpose of evaluating submissions for the Cultural Grant Program by the jury panel and City staff. When the process is complete, the names of the individuals that received funding, the amount they received and in which category – whether project or operating – will be made public.   

No other personal information will be released without the express written permission of the grant applicant. Questions about this collection should be directed to Amanda Dyke, 70 Collier Street, Barrie, Ontario L4M 4T5, (705) 739-4220 Ext. 4593.

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