Barrie Council Sets Direction For Next Four Years

Courtesy of Barrie 360 & News Release (City of Barrie) Published: Dec 4th, 2022

On Saturday, December 3, members of City Council met at City Hall to discuss the development of their strategic priorities for the 2022-2026 term.

At the session, Council identified five goals that will guide the strategic direction for the City over the next four years.

The five priorities for the 2022-2026 Council term will be:

Affordable Place to Live – Encourage a range of housing options to make housing attainable
– Open for business environment to help encourage job creation
– Develop and attract talent to support our employers
Community Safety – Support neighbourhood safety and crime prevention
– Address speeding and aggressive driving to ensure street and pedestrian safety
– Work with our partners to implement a community safety and well-being plan
– Support community-based policing initiatives 
Thriving Community    – Champion equity, diversity, and inclusion
– Create and foster programs and opportunities to support community wellness
– Foster growth in arts and culture
– Expand and maximize access to parks and recreation opportunities
– Continue to support a vibrant downtown 
Infrastructure Investments– Make it easier to move around the city
– Fix roads that need attention
– Update and improve infrastructure
– Support active transportation and pedestrian connections
– Implement climate action plans 
Responsible Governance  – Support the services our community needs while keeping tax increases low
– Maintain focus on city core services
– Financial stewardship which includes finding efficiencies and innovation
– Advocating to other levels of government for support
– Ensure accountability and transparency

This afternoon, Council also took time to consult with MP John Brassard, MP Doug Shipley, MPP Andrea Khanjin and MPP Doug Downey to seek their feedback on the priorities and ensure alignment and support from all of Barrie’s elected officials.

“Our Council will be faced with significant challenges this term, but I’m very optimistic that together we will overcome them and make life better for our residents,” said Mayor Alex Nuttall. “Today, as a Council, we’ve laid out our goals for the next four years and we plan to achieve these goals by taking a team-Barrie approach.

“It is our commitment to not only work with each other, but also with our local MPs and MPPs, to do what is best for Barrie and our residents.”

Council discussed several key issues they heard while campaigning including affordable and attainable housing, community safety, road safety, the environment, and affordability.

Staff will now work on developing actions plans for each strategic direction. The actions plans will include key performance indicators to monitor the success of the plan over the next four years.

Patricia Dent

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