Barrie Drops Out Of The Top 10 For Most Expensive Two-Bedroom Rentals

Courtesy Barrie 360: Ian MacLennan Published: Oct 13th, 2022

Barrie is number eight on the list of the most expensive places to rent a one-bedroom in Canada.

According to rental listing platform Zumper.com, the figure this month is down three positions from the summer ranking of most expensive Canadian places to rent.

A one-bedroom rental in Barrie is about $1,700, up three per cent month-to-month, while two-bedroom rentals month-to-month jumped nearly six per cent to $1,960.

Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada to rent a one-bedroom, with an average price of $2,500, which remained flat on a monthly basis. Zumper says Vancouver’s slowdown may be signalling that a rent ceiling has been hit. However, two-bedroom rentals are up 25 per cent over last year to $3,630.

Toronto held onto second place, with one-bedrooms fetching around $2,090.

That was followed by Victoria, Burnaby and Kelowna.

Ottawa and Oshawa also made the top 10 for one-bedroom rentals.

The cheapest place to rent a one-bedroom in the 24-city report is St. John’s, Newfoundland, with an average price of $860.

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