Be Positive | Women’s Retreat

Would you like to have a greater sense of well-being, contentment and joy in your daily life? 

Join me along with other like minded women as we immerse ourselves into deepening our understanding of how our own energy impacts our lives, and how we can take the reigns in driving the positive changes we crave.

You will learn…

~ A practical definition and approach to "The Law of Attraction"
~ How to become a "Deliberate Attractor" through changing your words and your thoughts.
~ Become very clear about "What You Want" to achieve in life.
~ A brilliant way to create focus and affirmations that work.
~ Remove doubt and feel confident and empowered about your goals.
~ Deepen your sense of gratitude to levels that will shift your past, present and future.
~ Understand how your emotions impact your behaviour and how to manage them easily.

This is a brilliant, impacful, informative and fun program. You will walk away with common sense tools to use immediately.

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