Better Workplace Conference

Conference Board of Canada Conference

Join us for a national discussion on attracting and retaining top talent. Concerns about remote work, labour shortages, employee engagement, and compensation are top of mind for employers. Explore practical solutions and more at the 26th annual Better Workplace Conference.

What to Expect:

This virtual conference will integrate our trusted research, featuring experts from across The Conference Board of Canada along with engaging keynote speakers and interactive sessions.

Get inspired, leave with actionable takeaways, and connect with leaders who share a passion for productive, inclusive, healthy workplaces.



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Be part of the national conversation and gain practical insights.

Discussions will centre around the vision, reality, and evidence of attracting and retaining top talent:

Creating value for employees: How can workplaces stay competitive in attracting talent?Retaining workers: What makes employees stay with an organization?Measuring results and performance: Why measurement matters.
Explore how integrating a healthy workplace culture into your value promise can offer a competitive advantage.Take a deep dive into the practical and innovative actions that retain, engage, and connect employees. Learn from organizations that are making strategic decisions to increase social connection and belonging in the workplace, and how these initiatives support retention.Learn why indicators and benchmarking are crucial to creating lasting organizational change and how effective measurement and evaluation can enhance workplace health, wellbeing, inclusion, and safety.
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