Block with Wende

Why practice Block Therapy? ☯to decrease pain – what do you mean you don’t have pain? EVERY BODY has pain, trust me. ☯ to decrease or eliminate headaches and migraines. Say what? Hell yeah! As a lifelong sufferer of migraines, I am down to one a month from 3-4. Sometimes I even miss a month! ☯ to save money on bodyworker bills. Yes, Block Therapy CAN replace your chiropractor and massage therapist. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. Yet the 10’s of thousands of dollars I have saved in the last four years proves otherwise. ☯ to improve your sleep. What would a good night of sleep be worth to you? ☯ to diminish brain fog. The days of not being able to think clearly will disappear like magic! ☯ to improve your exercise and spiritual practices at the same time. Crunched for time and feel like you have to choose? You can exercise and meditate AT THE SAME TIME! The list goes on and on. What are YOU waiting for?
Come join my classes and find out why Block Therapy is THE best modality for fascia release.

Patricia Dent

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