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According to researchers, with the dawn of the age of the smartphone, the human attention span has dramatically dropped from 12 seconds, reported in 2000, to a measly 8 seconds. And, yes for you trivia buffs out there, that is one second less than a goldfish!

With only this short window to engage your audience, business owners are feeling the pressure to provide engaging and multi-faceted video presentations during events.

Video has the power to really peak a potential customer’s interest in what else you have to offer. So, our advice is to just keep swimming, swimming, swimming right to a professional videographer.

Is Professional Video Really Important?

There really is no right or wrong way to shoot video per se.

After all, producing and editing your own cell phone videos for social media accounts or websites can be an effective strategy to connect with customers consistently. It is exciting for current and potential clients to see what you and your team are up to!

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